Leading Manufactures Of All Type Of PVC & XLPE Insulated L.T. Cables In "POWER CAB" Brand.


"SMRUTI CABLES PVT LTD" is a leading manufactures of all type of PVC & XLPE insulated L.T. Cables in 'POWER CAB' Brand.

"SMRUTI CABLES PVT LTD" is well equipped with latest machinery & equipment, with full fielded modern laboratory to test the cable as per relevant I.S.I. specification. Insulating process is carried out on most mordern high speed extrusion line having installed spark testers and electronically controlled diameter / eccentricity indicatiors which ensure fail proof high voltage test and consistency throughtout the length of product. The specially developed high grad PVC compound, used for insulation is resistant to moisture, oils, alkalines, grease and flames and has very high insulation resistance value.